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Drool worthy Spencers.

So I’ve been trying to decide where I want to see this blog going, and I don’t want it to be one of those writers blogs who only talk about writing, or have their blogs peppered with a billion interviews. That’s just not my thing.

I’d love to pick a topic and discuss it in amazing detail and research the nuts off it. But let’s face it. I have 4 children under 6 with only four years between them. Nothing gets the nuts researched off it in this house. Ask my husband. <dirty snigger>

So I’m going to go back down the road of sharing a lovely picture I’ve found, generally vintage clothes related and let you all drool. Oh and I’m put a snippet of writing up, just in case you are interested. Please feel free to ignore it….

So here we have a lovely Spencer Jacket, 1820s era. Go ahead, it’s ok to drool. Look at that double sleeve. Imagine how annoying it must have been to have been a dressmaker in this era, no sewing machine, probably pretty rubbish lighting most of the time, and not only have you go to set one sleeve in by hand, you’ve got to get a big gathered one in there as well! Sheesh. But oh doesn’t it look nice. It gives you all that lovely height and puffiness, but the slimmer sleeve underneath just shows that you do have a lovely shape beneath as well. Then we have a gorgeous little scalloped collar (which I tried doing last year on a collar for my little boy and it isn’t as easy as it looks and I have a machine to do it!) I also love the placing of the sleeve… it is so low, a good inch or two past the actual shoulder. I’m not quite sure why they are placed so low. I probably should do some researching, but all I can think is that it would make it quite difficult to lift your arms as the actual armhole looks pretty tight. Perhaps that is the point. Ladies wearing these jackets are so rich they don’t NEED to be able to move their arms. They have someone to do that kind of thing for them. 🙂

Right, milk and nappies call so better go. I’ll leave you with a little snippet from Lady Betty. Here’s the link to buy the book if the urge takes you.


bonnet snippet 1

The Art of the Cravat

There are only a couple of times in my whole life where I can remember seeing my dad wearing a tie. One of those times was at my wedding and the tie featured Mr Funny, a character from the Mr Men, which says everything you need to know about the man. But nestled under a starched collar and against the expanse of smooth cotton, a neatly knotted tie is the finishing touch to a gentleman’s outfit. And a cravat beats a tie hands down every time.

There are so many more possibilities. Between the Regency gentlemen’s stand-up collar and the inviting v of his silk waistcoat, there is sufficient space for a multitude of folds and knots; the mail coach tie, the oriental, even the mathematical should one have sufficient skill.

The following extract from Braving Madness, Betty is more concerned in the removal of Edward’s necktie.

His cravat loosened and she tugged at the fabric eagerly with both hands. Edward broke off the kiss, his hand to his throat.

“What, strangulation next?” he gasped. “Is there no end to the torture?” Now able to see what she was doing, Betty grasped the end of the black tie and with one sharp pull the fabric slithered from away from his collar. In triumphant glee she flung it over her shoulder.

“There was no cause to throw a perfectly good necktie into the bathtub,” Edward said, only inches away from her ears, his lips nuzzling her skin, stubble from beard scratching her skin only to be kissed better with the soft heat of his mouth.