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Dear me, I am utterly rubbish at maintaining blogs. My apologies.

I do have an excuse as I have been having difficulties with my glasses, but I am nearly sorted with them now. But it does make you think about how difficult my life would now be if I were back in Regency times. I now have pretty complex glasses, not only am I short sighted, but I also have a strong astigmatism (so the glass lenses need to change an object so a circle comes out as a specific shape of ellipse) and now have a pretty strong prism that needs to be ground in to my lens while keeping that astigmatism and short sighted correction. That can’t be easy. Without them, well I can see a blurry double of the world.

And my modern glasses also have lots of lovely other benefits than comparing to the ones above. Mine have nice squashy nose pieces for a start, flexi hinges at the sides so they don’t loose their shape and mine even change colour with light so I have nice sun glasses for outside. Smart.

Yup. I think I’m pretty happy I was born when I was. 🙂

Here’s a snippet from Lord Carrington for all those Edward fans. 🙂 and you can purchase a copy here.

bonnet snippet 7