Sorry for being quiet…

Despite the radio silence I am still here and still pregnant. 8 months now. Not bad going with twins. I’ve not been posting as I’ve been in and out of hospital with preterm labour issues etc and to be honest I just haven’t had the puff. Literally. One baby has had his not so little bum tucked up in the depths of my ribcage for longer than I like to remember.
As a consequence my daily word count has trickled down to well… zilch. zero. nothing. Any way I spell it, I’ve just not been writing. I’m hoping it isn’t a permanent measure. I don’t think it will be. The other ladies of the dashing 100 will kick my butt otherwise….

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2 responses to “Sorry for being quiet…

  • Philippa Jane Keyworth

    Awww – don’t stress. Writing can be seasonal and whenever you aren’t writing you’re absorbing which will help your ideas to flow when you do get the chance to write.

    One of my friends said to me once that writers are the greediest people. We love to experience, to eat, to laugh, to read, to do all sorts of things, and that’s because it all gives us inspiration. Sometimes I just can’t find the ability/time to write, but I’ve learned that instead of stressing about not writing it’s best just live life and the words and time to write will eventually come back 🙂 Writing has an annoying habit of never leaving you alone for long!

    Wishing you all the best health for you and the babies.

    PJK x

  • Shannon McEwan

    I’d been wondering. Glad to hear everything is still good with the pregnancy. Reckon twins (with two preschoolers already in tow) is a pretty good reason to take it easy for a bit. Hope everything goes well with the delivery.

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