Relaxing Whale

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole twin pregnancy, both in terms of my huge whale-like proportions and of the amount of preparation that’s needed doing. But finally things are starting to get better. I’ve obviously still whale like, and I can’t imagine how big I’m going to get but I’m definitely as big as I was when I was full term with my youngest and I still technically have just under three months left. Eek!

This is how big I feel

This is how big I feel

But on the up side, the nursery is decorated and ready, cots are ready, my husband just paid for a new-to-me big seven seater car to fit everyone in, I have both a buggy to fit twins and a fantastic big pram that will fit in my two year old as well, the housework is just about under control, and I am finally starting to feel more relaxed and happy to put my feet up and wait for these two little miracles to finish getting big enough to put in an appearance.

This is what I shall be doing as often as I can

This is what I shall be doing as often as I can

Which means that I finally have time to get on with some writing. Hurrah. So this last week I have written over 1000 words. Alright, 1000 words is small fry compared to some of the figures other writers manage to rack up, but it’s a hell of a lot better than I’ve managed of late and that makes me very happy.

So who cares if my word count is the equivalent of a small fish in a big pond. At least I'm swimming.

So who cares if my word count is the equivalent of a small fish in a big pond. At least I’m swimming.

So here’s a snippet from Held in the Balance with Lydia and Simon’s first kiss.

She traced her fingers along the pronounced line of his cheek bone, around the curve of his earlobe before grasping strands of hair into her fist and pulling his head closer. This time he did respond, deepening the kiss, pushing her back against the door, hard enough to send a fleeting worry through her mind about the strength of the door-catch.

Slow and steadily he possessed her mouth, as if there were all the time in the world, his dominating confidence sufficient to make her toes curl within the confines of her slippers. She would have expected such arrogance to make her want to push him away but instead she melted into him, relaxing against the firm plane of his chest, her free hand gripping his shoulder to prevent her knees from giving way beneath her. She surrendered herself to the kiss, to the sensations tumbling through her and blinked open eyes drugged with pleasure as Simon pulled away.

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9 responses to “Relaxing Whale

  • kathils

    Awesome snippet. 1000 words is better than I’ve been hitting of late. Forward progress is always a good thing. πŸ™‚

  • Philippa Jane Keyworth

    Your blog is the only blog I actually read regularly and it always puts a smile on my face. I have been stressing recently (not with being pregnant with twins obviously! But in a much smaller way with university, part-time job, another one starting and living life) because I’ve not been getting any writing done. To read your blog and see you have found the time to write, and such a brilliant piece of writing in your extract too, has just given me a push to get some done myself.

    I tried to do some writing in some free time I had last week but, being as it was the first free moment I’d had all week, all I wanted to do was chill-out. I felt the dreaded block come on and gave up, but reading your post which is so down to earth and yet so inspiring because of the beautiful writing your have achieved has encouraged me no end! Trust me, 1,000 words is not small fry – it looks like a mountain to me right now so jolly well done!

    From an inspired, regular blog reader who just sounded as sappy as a fir tree πŸ™‚

    PJK x

    • Jessica Baker

      What a lovely comment, you have quite made my day. πŸ™‚ I’ve got to admit I have always tried to write 500 words a day with a target of 2000 words a week (knowing I won’t manage to write at all some days) but with the way everything has been going of late, I have relaxed my target to 100 words a day. One day this week I managed 38 words, but yesterday i managed 340, I think partly because the pressure is off to try to get so much done. Sad though it is to admit, I have a little spreadsheet, which I type in my daily total and it works out when the book will be finished. Currently it is sat out at the end of next year, but it IS a target all the same. We’ll both get there in the end if we keep tapping away a little bit at a time! xxxx (and I don’t mind a bit of sappiness now and again!)

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