The Romanchics and the ladies of the dashing 100

For a while now I’ve been writing with a lovely group of ladies and we’ve formed a super supportive little group, the Dashing 100.

We are all busy ladies and we all write romance but there the similarities end. We all write different styles.

pots of paint

Incy writes romantic thrillers that keep you on the seat of your pants, with super hot heroes that make you warm all over.

Joanne writes the kind of close-to-your-heart stories that you make you feel like you’ve just snuggled under a cosy blanket.

Meg writes a range of genres, all with a beautiful meter and elegant turn of phrase that makes you just want to drink up all the yummy details.

Aimee writes sexy contemporary romances for the modern, independent girl with sassy heroines and alpha males to die for.

And me, well I enjoy writing regency romps.

So you wouldn’t think a writing group between us all would work. But it does. Every thursday we aim to share 100 words of our current work and the email banter begins. I think sometimes it works better because we all have such different styles.

It’s a lot easier to read something very different from your own work with non judgemental eyes, you just read to enjoy and you don’t wonder how you would have done the same paragraph. And because 100 words (give or take a bit!) is all we share, you get this intriguing peek into another’s work each week. Not enough to really know what’s happening in the story but enough to get well and truly caught up in the characters.

I get a lot of support from this group, and sometimes when life gets too busy, thursday morning will still see me trying to knock up 100 words just so I have something to share. And you can’t knock anything that keeps you actually gets words down on paper.

The ladies of the dashing 100 have just launched their own blog, the Romanchics.
romanchics blog button.

So pop on over and get to know these super ladies and their stories. You won’t regret it.

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