Still plodding forwards

I seem to be on a bit of a reading binge at the moment. I go through phases with reading, you know you find a new author and love the book and then go rushing back to the front cover to see how many books they’ve written. And recently all my new authors had written lots of books. Bliss. I am now waiting for Janet Evanovich’s 19th Stephanie Plum book to be released.

On the downside you do risk getting caught up in another world for a while, so much so, when you come to the end of the series it feels a bit of a shock to have to go back to real life.

Not so disimilar to finishing writing a novel I guess. After a year and a half I’m back at the first stage of writing those initial chapters and creating characters I’m going to have to live with for maybe a year or so (or more the way my life is heading at the moment.)

So far though I’m enjoying it.

I have Lord Simon Curzon, the antagonist from the last story. A man of few words with a core of steel. Miss Lydia Taunton, against from the last story, and is a drama queen of the first order, out for fun and mayhem, and looking to break off her engagement with Lord-dull-grey-Curzon. Miss Harriet Baird, cursed with ginger hair and freckles, she’s Lydia’s unfortunate side-kick. Lord Goodall, a dark character full of hidden agendas. And finally, Samuel Stibbons, a shaggy, bleached blond haired charmer set to provide Lydia with the ideal opportunity for a bit of scandal.

Can you tell I’m having fun?

Here’s a snippet about Samuel Stibbons, written in Lydia’s POV.

Rather than sitting further away, Stibbons opted for the footstool. Stuffed to almost bursting point and covered in the softest velvet, the footstool reigned supreme amongst footstools, her father wouldn’t have put up with anything less, but having to sit with his knees about his ears shouldn’t have done a thing for Stibbons’ manliness. No-one seemed to have told him that though and he sat with his big frame hunched over and the memory of the months of summer still showing on his skin. Maybe the girls flocking around him were acting on baser instincts than securing marriage offers.

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