Off to Nursery

My little girl started nursery this week. I’ve been so nervous about it despite telling myself over and over that it will be good for her and she’ll really enjoy it. Those reassurances did nothing to stop my tummy turning into a swirling whirling mess.

And of course, she was absolutely fine. True, they did need to prise her off me when I left and she might have been crying and screaming ‘noooooooooo, mummy I need you’, and then apparently hid under a table crying for an hour. But when Nancy and I went to pick her up she was bubbling over with all the exciting things she’d done and played with. Even the fact she’d cried under the table. And on her second day, she raced off with barely a backwards glance.

So my life is changing again, no more just doing what we want, when we want. Now I need to join the masses and do the merry little commute to school twice a day and wait with all the other parents, rain, wind and shine, as all the little people come out looking ever so cute in their oversized uniforms.

On the upside, I do get to come home and put my littlest one down for her nap and then well, I can have a nap as well. I’d almost forgotten what naps are like. I definitely recommend them.

Now not surprisingly, I’ve struggled to find a link to a nursery in my WIP so I’ve had to go for a weak sleeping link. Never mind, I still like this little exchange. Betty and Edward are standing outside the entrance to a public house about to enter and Edward is in a mood for seduction.

“I only meant that this isn’t the kind of place where you should be seen without a maid.”  Despite his outward concern for proprieties, his fingers didn’t stop their caress on the smooth skin of her wrist, neither did he move his gaze, instead he drank in the details of her face until they burned into his mind and he would be able to see her with his eyes shut.

He probably would have anyway when he tried to sleep. When it came to getting a sound night’s rest, he just knew she would be worse than eating cheese before bed time. 

Betty stared back at him without blinking. “What are those men likely to do? Try and kiss me senseless? I would imagine they would be more than happy to leave that to you.”

If only.

“Besides my makeshift maid is already here,” Betty said, blissfully unaware of his thoughts, “And anyway, I’ve stayed in coaching inns before. This hardly seems a den of iniquity.”

Releasing her hand, he knocked his beaver hat into a rakish angle. He couldn’t help himself; it was too good an opportunity. “That’s because I have yet to enter the premises.”

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