A very lazy Tuesday…

I’m afraid I’m going to cheat again this week. I have a stonking headache and when I’ve got a headache the ability to write completely deserts me. So instead of me rambling on about what’s gone on in my week, I’m just going to post a double length snippet.

Below is an extract from Braving Madness where Edward has just confessed to having attended sixteen seasons.

“Would you believe I was looking for a wife?” Or more accurately looking for girls suitable to be his wife and then neatly avoiding them.

“For sixteen years?” Her delicate eyebrows nearly rose off her face. “Does it take that long to find a wife?”

“I told you before; it’s not an easy to find the right bride.” And since his father had died, the right bride mattered. He’d had no intention of marrying someone he could hurt.

“Most girls are expected to make a match by the end of their first season.”

“Are you saying that I’m ‘on the shelf’?”

A smile danced over Betty’s face. “That or you’ve been paying attendance to the wrong type of ladies.”

“And what do you mean by that?”

Despite the colour flaring in her cheeks, Betty lifted her chin defiantly, nothing like the insipid mice that swarmed the fashionable ballrooms in gowns of pale silk. “Merely that if a lady already has a husband she is unlikely to be looking for another.”

Edward managed to swallow his laugh. “I think that depends very much on the health of the first husband and the bank balance of the next intended victim.”


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