In the Dead of the Night

My littlest one isn’t sleeping very well at the moment. And in those small hours of the morning while I’m stumbling around in the dark trying to find the errant dummy, I can’t help but think about the rumour of sleeping through the night. Surely not. Surely no-one could actually sleep for eight hours straight. Surely everyone gets woken up at regular intervals all night long. Just so they can stub their toes, fumble around in the darkness for a missing teddy or discover that the lid has come off the little one’s drink and their whole bed is soaked. Surely everyone has to change sheets in the middle of the night.


If I wasn’t so tired I could probably remember far enough back to know for definite. But such a dream must be just that. A rumour made up to tease the exhausted.

In the following extract from Braving Madness, Edward has slept about as badly as I have.

“Wake up!”

Edward stifled a groan and buried his head below his pillow. He only succeeded in grinding his face into the oaken floorboards, his stubble catching against the grain. Not his best idea.

It couldn’t be morning already. The blankets Wilkins provided had disguised the unyielding nature of the floor about as much as he’d expected. Sleep would have been impossible even without the gale like draft that had appeared the moment he’d put his head to his pillow.

“Lord Carrington, get off that floor immediately!”

Not a command he was used to hearing. He gave an experimental stretch. Every vertebra in his spine clicked. He let out a heart-felt sigh and tried not to think of the soft mattress only a few feet away.

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2 responses to “In the Dead of the Night

  • Nina

    It happens, I swear! 🙂 I understand your selective memory though. Last week, my little guy was not the coolest guy to be around; he was Mr. Grouchy, and I started thinking, “When was the last time you were not grouchy?” Then I got reminded that just last week he was a perfect angel. But man when you’re right in the thick of it, it’s so easy to forget.

    Hope you guys get your sleep soon!!

    • Jessica Baker

      She’s starting getting a bit better again. I think I was trying to force her into a sleep pattern she didn’t want. She’s running the show now, so although she is staying up much later (in her cot, up to her if she wants to) she isn’t waking during the night. If only I could get my husband not to wake me when he comes to bed…

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