Coffee and Car Parks

I had a rather unfortunate event yesterday. One of my cats, Max, has trouble with his teeth. A bit of regular tooth brushing would probably do the trick, but I’d rather just scratch my own eyeballs out and save him the bother. Anyway, I took him to the vets yesterday, along with my two little girls in their pram. And that’s where the trouble started. Carrying a cat in a basket as well as pushing a very heavy pram through a rutted car park is no easy matter. The result? I dropped the cage. ImageAnd of course he got out. I wouldn’t have bothered with the story had he just bounced and sat there. No, he got out in a yelping ball of striped fur, and with the girls screaming the obvious, I then spent the next few minutes diving across stones and gravel in an attempt to catch him. It was a close thing. I eventually caught him, by the tail no less, just as he dived over a five foot fence into the unknown. (Did he check before he jumped? Shouldn’t have thought so. Foolish cat.) The result was a rather shook up and submissive cat and me with torn trousers, grazed hands and knees, and deep scratches all down my arms and legs. So deep in fact that my husband insisted a booked a tetanus jab today. So if I don’t post next week assume the worst…


The following extract from Braving Madness shows Betty in an equally slapstick moment, no reason why I should be the only embarrassed one.

Betty grasped Edward’s offered hand and stepped on to the first rung of the carriage ladder. Considering her other hand was holding on to the pewter tankard, it was unfortunate that her hem should chose just that moment to lie exactly where she’d decided to put her foot.

Her dress pulled tight and her back arched with the sudden restriction even as she toppled forward. There was nothing she could do other than squeeze Edward’s hand as if he was her one chance not to be sent sprawling across the courtyard accompanied by a steaming arc of aromatic coffee and a tankard bereft of its contents.

 And she wanted that coffee. Possibly even more than she didn’t want to end up with her face on the ground.

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6 responses to “Coffee and Car Parks

  • kathils

    I’m glad you were able to recapture Max! And I must agree with Betty — save the coffee at all costs!

  • ridiculousauthor

    Hilarious excerpt! I’m so glad you managed to grab your cat – would have been awful otherwise!

    • Jessica Baker

      I know, and he’s ever such a shy cat, and it was quite a bit from home. I know there are numerous stories of cats going miles to get home but Max doesn’t normally go past the end of our drive!

  • Tea in a Teacup

    Oh no! I hate days like that!
    Just an aside… how do you manage to write with little children? Do you find they interrupt your train of thought all the time? Does your brain get so clogged with just trying to remember whether you had changed all the nappies, or cleaned everyone’s teeth, that you dont have any spare room for creating a story?
    Just asking because I am having those sort of problems myself!

    • Jessica Baker

      To be honest I don’t try and write when they are awake! I tend to settle down to write for a couple of hours in the evening when I can. But it is often disturbed anyway. But the computer is on the dining room table so I do tap away when they are eating and otherwise occupied! Not very social but means I can get a couple of hundred words in that I wouldn’t have gotten. A very good writing day for me is about 500 words. I am definitely not a quick writer. When both the girls still napped I used to get at least 1000 words done a day. Aw those were the days!

      • Tea in a Teacup

        Yes, I know what you mean. Though setting a 500-word target everyday is still achievable, and not too discouraging. I must say, I do a lot of writing while watching children do gymnastics and soccer! Or while sitting in the car waiting for the school bell to ring! 🙂 But it is still interrupted… and I often get interrupted right in the middle of a really good sentence…

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