A Gentleman’s Retreat

If there were any room I could add to my rather small house, it would definitely be a library. Books are crammed into every corner of my house, even the bathroom isn’t safe. And they aren’t all whimsical tales of secret romances. No, in my house, the Screw Fix catalogue nestles between Squire’s Problems in Quantum Mechanics and Earl Scruggs’s 5 String Banjo. So a room dedicated to reading would be bliss. And a Regency mansion wouldn’t just house a library, it would also be catalogued.  Dark red walls, heavy velvet curtains and towering bookcases with leather bound volumes. Peace and quiet. A girl can dream.

Here is an extract from Braving Madness, where the heroine, Betty first enters the Edward’s library.

Spying a desk by the wall, Betty headed towards it like a bee seeking nectar. Ink, quills, paper, all the things one needed to make life manageable. At least she presumed they would be there beneath the mounds of papers and documents. How anyone could be so disorganised was beyond her.

A chair stood by the desk and Betty eyed it suspiciously. It was an old chair and the leather was worn and faded. It was only around the edging studs that you could even see the original dark blue. But it was the indents on the seat padding that held her attention. Two indents presumably from… it seemed ridiculous not even to be able to speak the thought in her head. She tried again, from Edward’s bottom. Edward’s bottom had made those marks.

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