An Englishman’s Castle

First impressions count, especially when it comes to an Englishman’s castle.

Overgrown lavender straggles my front door, a door that would be all the better for a new coat of paint. And there’s nothing even special about the door. No porch. No impressive knocker. Just two glass panes that could do with a clean and the stiff letter box the postman wrestles daily with.

A staircase would make all the difference. It’s hard not to be intimidated by a front door when it towers several feet above your head. I don’t suppose my postman would thank me though.


Below is an extract from ‘Braving Madness’, where the heroine, Betty, is outside waiting to catch Edward before he leaves.

Betty shifted on the step, twisting so she could lean against the sculpted balustrade lining the staircase as it swept up to the front door of the Taunton’s grand house. Cold air crept through her clothes, stealing her heat with the light fingers of a common thief.

She would have waited indoors but since her cousin had managed to wangle an invitation from Lydia, hanging around in the corridors alone was just asking for trouble. And there was no way she was going to join the flock of giggling girls in the main rooms. Geese would be better company.

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